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Venture Bros Text Post Part 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALOO 

I can’t believe the original post got so many notes. Like damn. 


If you have been following me at all…then you know that one of my dearest friends is the anonymous knitter behind This lady is a genius, let me tell you, and if you don’t believe me, just check out one of her newer creations…Mr. Sam Wilson, AKA Falcon. She held a vote to see who would get made and Falcon won the vote. First lets talk about how, somehow, this knitted doll with a giant round head somehow LOOKS like Anthony Mackie. I’m not even sure how that’s possible, but he does. So, his hairline and goatee are adorable, and so are his arms with shaped muscles. I didn’t even realize until I started stripping him that his wristbands are separate from the tiny /fingerless gloves/ that have a hole for the thumb too. He has functional little cargo pants pockets and once I got the big wing-pack harness off, I realized that the pants have /beltloops/, and I’m not even sure what is going on through my friend’s brain…maybe like, “Mwhaa haa haa, let me do something insaner now.” His wings are two separate parts, and there’s a stick that runs through them to keep them stiff, but for photos I was doing a lot of playing around with their position. His arms are the exact right length to grip the wings. His shoes have tiny little laces and there’s no reason to make him have socks, but he does have socks, little black ones. Know what else? Falcon goes commando under his suit, but for decency sake, I borrowed some underwear off another doll. He’s shown with Cap, who she also made. :)



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